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Hi Everyone! I just joined this community because I’m a soon-to-be fulltimer. I'm 24 years old, married, and about to graduate with a B.S. in Psychology. I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of continuing on with my life on a traditional path so I'm getting rid of my house and selling everything that doesn't directly contribute to my comfort and happiness. Goodbye, American dream.

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My husband and I were looking at class c motor homes for a while but we decided to convert a 1999 GMC T6500 instead. Most of the people in my life think I’m completely crazy for not being happy in my big, expensive and inefficient house so I’m hoping to meet more people like me.

The box is 8x24 with a 9’ ceiling. So far we’ve installed a mobile home door, motor home steps, skylights, ventilation fan, air conditioner, a layer of spray foam insulation on inside walls, removed the lift gate to add the tow package and replaced the roll up door with a permanent back wall.

We’re going to add a second layer of insulation to the walls and ceiling and put up plywood interior walls with wallpaper murals and an aluminum sheet ceiling. I had cork flooring left over from my house that will be just enough for the truck. Then we’ll finally get to the fun part of making it more than just an insulated box.

We also have a 16’ trailer that will carry a work bench and tools, fitness equipment, battery bank, and two 50cc scooters.

I’d love to hear what you think about my plans. :-)

Some of the things in the pics need to be updated. For example, I bought a Viking induction cooktop instead of the regular electric one. Also, instead of the ventless washer/dryer combo, I bought a high efficiency washer and dryer that will be vented to the outside. It also doesn't show that there is a vent installed above the shower.
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